“The Incredibles 2”: Superheroes with a scent of Oscar awards

‘The Incredibles 2’: Superheroes with a scent of Oscar Awards'The Incredibles 2': Superheroes with a scent of Oscar awards

There are not many directors who can move from animation to traditional cinema and do it with the same level of success, and then return to making an animated film with the same efficiency as always. After directing Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Protocol Ghost and George Clooney in Tomorrowland, Brad Bird has returned to Pixar for The Incredibles 2 , a film solid enough to have chances to keep his idyll with the awards. Bird won the Oscar for best animated film by Ratatouille and The Incredibles and received nominations for best screenplay.

The fact that it took 14 years to do a second part is because “there were other stories I wanted to tell”. “And fortunately Disney and Pixar supported me in that sense. They always told me they were interested in a second part, but they never insisted too much, “says the director. “Making a sequel could be fun, because I never had as much fun as when I did The Incredibles. And they let me know that when I was ready to start I told them. “

When he started writing the script for this second part, the typical thing happened to him, that he fell in love with the story and ended up making the film. With almost two hours, The Incredibles 2 is one of the longest animated films. Paul Hirsch, the editor with whom Bird worked on Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol – and which also won the Oscar for Star Wars – said that the duration of a film has to do with interest, which means that if the audience she is interested and wants to know what is next that is going to happen, time is the least.

“Who cares how long a movie lasts? The sponsor lasts almost three hours and I can not stop looking at her, “says Bird. “And there are animated movies that last 70 minutes and seem interminable, because they do not manage to hook you up as an audience.”

That why they like superheroes so much is something, adds the American director and screenwriter, that “we have to ask the Greeks. They fascinated them thousands of years ago. I think they’ve been around since humans started telling stories. In the old stories they were called gods, but deep down they were superheroes, because they had superpowers and generated conflicts with the fact of being partially human, and that is part of the problem that people have. We have brains that have allowed us to become the dominant force on the planet, and at the same time our souls have not lived up to what the brain achieved. All the time we are dealing with the power we have. Sometimes we use it very well and we do amazing things like movies, cameras, lights and buildings. And other times we find new ways to hurt each other and destroy the planet. We are constantly fighting against the gods that we carry inside. That is the reason why these stories, in one way or another, will always continue to be told “, concludes this artist who wants to continue working both in animation and with actors of flesh and blood. And even more: “I have ideas that require a combination of both. We will see for which of them I get the money I need. “

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