The export salesman, hero or unknown soldier?

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Exporting can not be improvised. To begin with, one needs an iron health, physically and psychologically, to support long journeys, time differences, family remoteness, and a social jagged. Then, even if all commercial must present this quality, it is essential for export to have the spirit even more widely open, to adapt to very different ways of thinking, working and living.

A collaborator apart in the company

In fact, the export salesman is often considered as a separate collaborator. Moreover, his independent spirit and autonomy, born of his often solitary displacements, sometimes make him refractory to the hierarchy. It’s not easy, between two trips, to find yourself in an office with fixed hours – and a leader to whom you have to be accountable. A difficulty that his manager must take into account, without making it a privileged of the commercial team – on pain of attracting the underlying jealousies.

Maintain the link

When abroad, the export salesperson may suffer from professional loneliness. Maintaining the link with the company and other employees is essential, so that it always feels part of a team. It is obviously much simpler today with modern communication tools. One solution may be to set up regular meeting points or to invite them to videoconference service meetings. He will thus be able to keep in touch with his colleagues, while making them benefit from his foreign experience.

A talent often underused

Business practices abroad, innovations, market trends …: the export salesman is an observer open to the world, who has a lot to share with his colleagues. An aspect often under-exploited, while it constitutes a source of reflections and new ideas.

Even more boring: the distance can become penalizing for the progression of a career. Experiences abroad can be well known for promoting progress in large companies, the reality is sometimes less idyllic. ” Out of sight out of mind ” ? Because they are not always aware of the life of the company, export sales can miss opportunities. Managers do not necessarily think about them, especially for sedentary jobs, on the assumption that they will not give up their globe-trotting life for nothing. What is not certain: an export salesman always ends, one day or the other, by wanting to … set the bags!

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