New procedure: Middelhoff should have deceived creditors by millions

Against the former Arcandor boss Thomas Middelhoff runs according to media reports a new procedure. He should have made fortunes before his personal bankruptcy.

Ex-Arcandor boss Thomas Middelhoff. The prosecution Bielefeld has initiated after investigations by WDR and ” Süddeutsche Zeitung ” a new procedure against the former top manager Thomas Middelhoff and his lawyer Hartmut Fromm. Middelhoff is said to have moved before his personal bankruptcy sums of money and have deceived creditors so. Fromm should have supported him. The prosecution had confirmed this on request, reported WDR and “Süddeutsche” on Tuesday. The two accused therefore denied the allegations.

The former Arcandor boss Middelhoff was sentenced in November 2014 by the district court of Essen to three years imprisonment , among other things for embezzlement of corporate assets. He was released in November 2017. On 31 March 2015, he submitted a request for private insolvency proceedings, according to the report.

It is undisputed that in the years before the personal bankruptcy more and more of the Middelhoff assets flowed into companies that his lawyer Fromm controlled, wrote the “Süddeutsche”. In return, these companies regularly paid money to Middelhoff to finance his private life and his legal fees.

Middelhoff’s insolvency administrator Thorsten Fuest has sued Fromm and his Berlin law firm Bielefeld district court for payment of 5.1 million euros, reported the “Süddeutsche”. The content of this action had also triggered the prosecutor’s investigation.

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