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Münster, a 94-year-old former SS guard has to answer to the court. He is accused of aiding and abetting murder in the Stutthof camp.

In Germany there should still be a Nazi process. In front of the Münster district court, a 94-year-old former SS guard has been responsible from November. The public prosecutor’s office in Dortmund accuses him of helping to murder several hundred people in the National Socialist concentration camp Stutthof near Gdansk. Because of the age of the accused at the time of the crime, the trial is conducted before the large youth chamber of the district court of Münster at the district court Bocholt, as a spokesman for the district court announced.

The accused, who lives in the district of Borken, belonged from 1942 to 1944 to the SS guards in Stutthof. He is said to have guarded the camp as well as accompanied work teams outside the area.

From the community

These processes come decades too late. Most of the perpetrators, officers and commanders, who often made a career in the young Adenauer Federal Republic, got away with it unscathed.

… writes user MikeNixeda2014

On 21 and 22 June 1944 more than 100 Polish prisoners were murdered in the gas chamber in Stutthof. At least 77 wounded Soviet prisoners of war and an unknown number of Jewish inmates were later killed in the same way as a court communication stated. In addition, the living conditions in the camp were “purposefully so bad” that several hundred prisoners were killed by illnesses and lack of medical care. Inmates who were no longer “fit for work” were murdered by shots.

Defendant denies involvement in murders

The prosecution accuses the accused of “deliberately promoting” the killings with his guard duty. In the course of the investigation, he admitted to have been a guard in Stutthof, but denied having participated in the murder of detainees.

The 94-year-old is regarded as having limited ability to negotiate. One reviewer had recommended negotiating two hours a week for a maximum of two days a week. The case against a second defendant from Wuppertal was severed because it was not yet possible to assess whether he was able to negotiate, the district court said.

Twelve relatives of victims are co-plaintiffs

Twelve co-plaintiffs have already been admitted to the trial in Münster, ie direct relatives of people who were murdered in Stutthof during the period of the offense. They live in the USA, Canada, Israel and Poland.

Since the verdict against former SS man John Demjanjuk in Munich in 2011, investigators evaluated targeted lists of security guards. The name of the now accused man also appeared.

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