First ten days of the Spring Super Series

The Spring 2017 SuperSeries are underway at full speed and the players have responded to the offer of tournaments that has presented by sitting at the virtual tables and generating boats superior to the guaranteed ones that we offered.

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The tournaments are being a success of participation and we see winners of all kinds in the events held, from regular players that we can see every day in the usual tournaments of the room, along with fans who have decided to try their luck in some of the events. And many of them have been lucky in the form of important prizes, even with the victory in some of the events.

We have passed the equator of series and this is the most important thing that has happened. If you remember, there is a total of more than € 500,000 guaranteed in prizes and they are being exceeded event after event. The most interesting tournaments are still ahead, so we’ll wait to see how much the full distribution of prizes in these series comes.

What happened

Tournaments have been played from € 3 to € 250 entry. The most important, the two Great Sundays that have been celebrated with guaranteed € 30,000 each, with the usual buy-in of € 100. The first brought together 278 players and ended with the triumph of “Josemi8811” and a first prize of € 6,327.23. The second group gathered 255 participants, of which 36 entered the awards, “retigreton” finished the tournament in first position and with € 6,135 more in their account.

And “Josemi8811” has managed to repeat victory to take the event 25. After winning the Great Sunday, he took the Big Thursday four days later, this time more than € 4,000 reward for his work. Undoubtedly, until now, the player of the series.

The event number 8, with € 3 entry and € 5,000 guaranteed had 992 players, the record of these series, and “desperator” was the best of all with a first prize of € 900.

The two High Roller events that have been played so far, with € 250 entry have brought together 60 and 55 players, with the winners “Pepewings” and “Milingo25” with more than € 4,500 each.

And what about the rest of events. A total of 3,316 players have passed in these first events. We have had all kinds of winners in the Super Series tournaments, from professionals to amateurs, as we all know, is poker for everyone.

The best is left

If what has happened so far has been spectacular, we have the best of the series ahead. Little by little the emotion will increase until we arrive on Sunday to the most important event of the 73 that make up these series.

Event 69 is the one that most players are waiting for, many of them already classified in our satellites and concentrated in what may be their most important event of the year. A tournament with € 100,000 guaranteed for € 215 entry is not seen every day. An opportunity to take advantage of an important prizepool and take a pinch if you have any luck.

With the number of satellites we have prepared, there are few that have not been classified. You still have the opportunity to do it.

This tournament is played on Sunday 25, probably the day with the best tournaments. As always for all pockets, from the € 3 entrance with € 5,000 guaranteed, going through the € 55 entrance with € 25,000 guaranteed and ending with the main event that we have already told you.

On Monday 26 the festival ends with the closing events, but every day you have the opportunity to participate in the series of tournaments with which you can take a leap of quality in your game and quantity in your bank.

Every year we are surpassing with the SuperSeries, and we hope to beat all the records in these Spring Edition. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and when we finish we’ll review what happened at the tables.

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