EFFECTIVE Loans in Spain

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Cash loans in Spain can be obtained thanks to large companies that are becoming better known and to other smaller companies such as small pawnshops or small financial companies . In this article we will tell you the names of some of these companies.

Zaemus also offers loans for its clients, thanks to the company of Dineo . That can also be found online. Zaemus is one of the second-hand buying and selling companies in Spain. Thanks to this company, many people also avoid having to ask for credits, because when selling their valuable things, they get the necessary money. It is even possible that you do not need to ask for a loan in cash, in the case of being able to contribute something that has a certain price in the market.

Credits in cash with Zaemus .

A company dedicated to the purchase and sale of precious metals and jewelry. You can ask for credits in cash, leaving a jewel of value as bail. Thanks to this technique, once the loan is returned, you will be able to enjoy the jewel or jewels. They are currently present in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza and Girona. But you can also find more companies of this type in Spain . This alternative is very popular with people who do not like to use bank accounts or have been foreclosed.

Advances with credit cards .

Advances with the credit card, using the ATM, can also be a good solution, to get small amounts in cash, to perform this technique, it is recommended that you follow the following manual. Knowing the interests of the credit card is paramount.

  • How to ask for cash with the card? – See manual to ask for advances with the card . This alternative can be faster than asking for a quick credit in Spain, but first we recommend you to be sure of the conditions of your credit card, since in many cases they have very high interest rates and that they are growing year after year. year, in the case of not making the corresponding return.

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Use the financials that are online online.

Online financials are becoming one of the most convenient and popular ways to ask for money, which is not 100% cash, a bank account is necessary and the need to go to the cashier or bank to withdraw the corresponding loans.

  • More information on online finance : Cash credits online . This solution is much simpler, however, you need a bank account and have a minimum knowledge of mobile or internet use. It is not necessary to have a lot of computer knowledge, they are done with simple complete forms, which have been developed for all types of clients.


As you can see, there is a great demand by consumers, when it comes to financing small amounts, so there are many companies in Spain that are offering this type of cash and urgent financing . Thanks to the competition that is growing in this type of companies, users are enjoying lower interests than in previous times.

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