Conflict between Palestinians and Israelis escalates: 300 missiles and three dead

After the fatal deployment of an Israeli special unit in the Gaza Strip, the conflict with the Palestinian organization Hamas, which is ruling there, has escalated dangerously. Palestinians fired massive quantities of missiles at Israel. Israeli fighter jets responded by attacking more than 70 military targets in the coastal area, the army said Monday. At […]

The Hamas File: What Hamas aims for

The ceasefire on the Gaza Strip still holds. Until recently militant Palestinians had fired dozens of mortar shells and rockets at Israel . Jerusalem responded with air strikes on military targets. But this Friday, the situation could escalate again. A “one-million-march-for-al-Kuds (Jerusalem)” is to commemorate the defeat of the Arabs in the Six-Day War in […]

Nazi trial in Münster: Former concentration camp guard denies guilt and knowledge of mass murder world daily mirror

In front of the Münster district court, the former security guard in the Stutthof concentration camp expresses himself for the first time. He rejects a debt, he also acted out of coercion. On Tuesday, the 94-year-old former concentration camp guard from the district of Borken made his first statement in the Nazi trial at the […]

New Nazi trial in Germany: Former SS guard must go to court in November – Politics – Tagesspiegel

Münster, a 94-year-old former SS guard has to answer to the court. He is accused of aiding and abetting murder in the Stutthof camp. In Germany there should still be a Nazi process. In front of the Münster district court, a 94-year-old former SS guard has been responsible from November. The public prosecutor’s office in […]

Cabinet meeting in Potsdam: In artificial intelligence, the human must be the focus – Politics – Tagesspiegel

The curator Judith Spickermann is in the exhibition: “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum vor … Photo: Guido Kirchner / dpa If you want to have your liver spots checked, you have to go to the dermatologist today. The waiting time is often long, the worry big if a stain looks unusual. […]

Working conditions at Ryanair

 Frank Bsirske” width=”566″ height=”283″ /> Hubertus Heil and Frank Bsirske are equally horrified. “There are working conditions here that I did not think possible. We meet the 19th century, “says the head of the services union Verdi. “Here fundamental workers’ rights are trampled on and globalization equated with exploitation,” adds Bundesarbeitsminister Heil (SPD) on Friday […]