Archbishop defends the money that the Church receives from public powers because it watches over the people who do not care

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The archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, Braulio Rodríguez, has assured that if the Church receives money from public authorities in their charitable-social works or to sustain the artistic heritage, “we do it because we take care of people and problems that they do not care for or because the patrimony of the Church generates wealth and has social and educational work “.

In his weekly paper, collected by Europa Press, he stressed that “frequently”, when talking about the Church, “we tend to stay in the most external aspects of it, which are often the most vulnerable”.

“Moreover, the image that comes from the Church from circles, platforms, political associations, social media, is not very promising and they get what they want: that people do not accept the Church or consider it a separate organization of Christ, separated from the concrete life of his faithful, “he lamented.

This consideration of Rodriguez comes to collation of his idea that “many are distrustful of the monies that the diocesan Church receives.” “With simplicity and trust I ask you to be generous, give your Church a significant contribution, something that expresses love and gratitude towards the one who has taught you to know Jesus Christ and the good Father of heaven,” he said.

“I take it for granted that in the 2017 Income Tax Return you have placed the cross in the box of the Catholic Church, because it is a direct and non-burdensome way for you to help the Diocese as a whole. One thing is certain: we only depend on our Catholics and our good administration, “he concluded.